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ABEL Garcia Matos

Self-taught painter Abel Garcia Matos creates surreal cityscapes

ABEL Garcia Matos is a self-taught Havanna painter. His pictures of urban architecture have an unsettling surrealist quality. Brilliant colored colonial buildings twist and bend as if they were alive. His cityscapes are infused with an organic quality that brings life to an otherwise static environment.

Hector ALAYO

Hector ALAYO is an unusually skilled expressionist portraitist

Hector ALAYO is of Afro-Cuban heritage. He paints, as do many of his fellow Cuban artists, what he feels in his heart. His painterly approach to capturing the faces of individuals surrounding him is lively and expressive. His images, although they may at first seem quite minimal, convey a depth of feeling and understanding of character that is very powerful.

Nicolas ALAYO Anferro

Cubist-expressionist painter Nicolas ALAYO Anferro is a master of color

Havana artist Nicolas ALAYO Anferro paints from his heart which is infused with joy in the color of the Caribbean and the people who surround him. His striking works combine the pictorial possibilities of cubism and recent advances in post-modern expressionism. When he departs from brilliant contrasts of almost pure hues his works take on an ethereal quality where the message is more subtle.


ANA GLADYS Falcon is a colorist, Cubist painter of poignant images

ANA GLADYS Falcon celebrates the colors of the Caribbean in her Cubist inspired figural paintings. The female subjects are embraced by a swirl of colored forms that connects them to their surroundings. Falcon excels in her brilliant use of decorative color enhancing the poignancy of her subjects.

AUREMIL Aurelio Milera

AUREMIL Aurelio is one of the most powerful Cuban surrealist artists.

Primarily concerned with the surrealist mode of reinterpreting the human form, Auremil delves into dreams where the body and mind converge and imaginative creatures inhabit the flesh and soul. His intricate visualization of human and animal forms interacting in the subconscious world demands our attention. Repeated consideration of his paintings reveal more of the mysteries of their content.

Javier BARREIRO Rivero

Javier BARREIRO Rivero is a master of painting cityscapes

A self-taught artist, Javier BARREIRO Rivero was born in Havana in 1986. As well as being a painter he is an accomplished filmmaker. His cityscapes are paintings that evoke the ethos of the city of Havana as it is bathed in the light of the rising and setting sun.

Yuniel Delgado CASTILLO

Abstract and expressionist interpretations of faces are CASTILLO’s forte

One of the founders of the collective Arte Libre, CASTILLO creates both large and small expressionist and abstract canvases. His fluidity of line and capacity to create highly colored images place him among the more accomplished of the younger generation of Cuban artists.

Carlos CESAR Roman Perez

Carlos CESAR Roman is a consummate master of the surrealist image

Painting in Trinidad de Cuba, Carlos CESAR Roman Perez has achieved success in many exhibitions of his work. He has created an imagery that is at once reflective of the early 20th century European avant-garde and typically Cuban in its use of color.


Dreams and color are the fabric of Claudia Delgado’s paintings

Dreams and color combine in Claudia Delgado’s paintings to produce a mystical world where flowers, faces and architectural environment play off against each other. Here pictorial world is one in which form and color often evoke the pleasures of life as well as some of the terrors.

Sheila DIAZ Garcia

Sheila Diaz Garcia brilliantly abstracts the human form.

Sheila Diaz Garcia pictures the essentials of the human face abstracting from the complex to create intense images that are misleading in their apparent simplicity. Her deft outlines and fearless use of primary colors in her crypto-portraits is repeated in her abstract works where the liner is combined with painterly bravado in the subtle depiction of body parts.

Yasser GAMONEDA Montero

Yasser GAMONEDA Montero Artfully combines skill with surrealism.

Very active in the Cuban art scene in Havana, Montero, has developed a fascinating style of painting where the flatness of the background sets off tactile forms that appear to be simple records of three dimensional objects. But on careful examination his accomplished still–life pictures are peopled with images of paper cut-out figures that create a surrealist dream-like quality that contrasts with intense realism.

Ernesto GONZALEZ Pumariega

Ernesto GONZALEZ Pumariega is a graduate of the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes San Alejandro on the outskirts of Havana. An accomplished colorist he creates images of the streets of Havana. His cityscapes in which playfully teetering multi-story buildings are much more than a backdrop and are endearing mementos of the urban environment. He uses the same romantic approach to man-made forms of rural Cuba where clusters of small homes seem infused with organic qualities.


The abstracts of Juan Lazaro GUTIERREZ demand patient examination

Was born in 1973 in Manuel Lazo and works in Havana. His sparse abstract works with forms floating sometimes on a virtually monochrome ground are evocative of the 20th century inventions of Paul Klee. It is the intriguing puzzle of these forms that draws the viewer into the works where enigmas and paradoxes confound the senses.

Jesus HERMIDA Franco

He is incredibly productive, pushing the boundaries of CUBAN art.

It is the contrast between the aquamarine of the sea and sky of Cuba and the form of its people. His grisaille or black and white renditions of the human form acquire great power as they are set in the brilliantly colored Cuban environment. The optical play between the light and shade of monochrome modelling and sea and structures of Cuba gives Hermida’s paintings an intriguing quality of dynamic strength

Victor HUERTA Batista

Victor HUERTA Batista is a master of new Cuban Pop art

Victor HUERTA Batista draws on Pop art iconography to creating striking images focusing on faces and everyday domestic scenes. He frequently combines cartoon-like details with his realist portraits to render ironic statements on the human condition. His pictures reveal their meaning slowly so what you see immediately is not the whole story.


Still-life painting in a photorealist style is the forte of Danny LOPEZ

A master illusionist in art, Danny LOPEZ creates still life pictures that are minimalist. His approach to representing two objects, that catch light differently and vary in texture, using precise and awe inspiring photorealism, is testament to his acute vision and his technical virtuosity. While working within a modern tradition in Latin American still life painting, LOPEZ has created a unique style.

Carlos OTERA

Carlos is a skilled expressionist and painter of abstract work

It is through expressionist painting that Carlos OTERA conveys his message primarily concerning the human face. Using strong colors and vibrant line he conveys the essentials of his sitters’ characters. OTERA is also adept at painting abstractions that evoke his response to the visual environment.

Jose SALAZAR Vazquez

Jose Salazar Vasquez is a master painting the urban landscape

The brilliant paintings of Jose Salazar Vazquez recall the 20th century Orphism of Robert and Sonia Delaunay. They are more direct and more powerful because he chooses to keep within a narrow range of primary colors. He does not attempt innovations in colour theory but rather he creates decorative works that evoke the feelings of an urban environment.

Humberto Jesus VINAS Garcia

Garcia Vinas’ paintings are a unique interpretation of Cubism.

The figurative art of Garcia Vinas is typically Cuban in color. He structures his work around the principles of Cubism but his dramatic coloration give a liveliness to an otherwise static style. His works thus are highly decorative and have a vibrant joyfulness that is unique in its effect.

YUDINASAY Zamora Alvarez

New form of traditional subject shows the work of YUDINASAY Alvarez

Influenced by 19th century topographical art and landscape painting, YUDISNAY Alvarez has created a new way to view the Cuban countryside. Using the traditional forms of trees, livestock and strolling people he has added a particularly appealing modern touch to a traditional subject of painting.

Alber ZAYAS Alarcon

Alber ZAYAS Alarcon Powerful monochrome studies of the human form

Alber ZAYAS Alarcon is fascinated with the human form. His face and figure studies are characterised by deft manipulation of the brush. He is unusually skilled in painting in grisaille or monochrome. The absence of a range of color gives his paintings an immediacy and strength that readily connects with the viewer.