Jose SALAZAR Vazquez 5F Acrylic Cuban Painting on Canvas CUBA 34×47″

US $459.77

In Cuban life, the people, music, sky and city are intertwined. A Sphinx like woman seems to float above it all in introspective thought, bathed in the moonlight.

Cuban Paintings For Sale – Jose SALAZAR Vazquez

us-stretched canvas shipped rolled in mailing tube

Gallery size canvas

The brilliant paintings of Jose SALAZAR Vasquez, the master of the Urban Landscape,  recall the 20th century Orphism of Robert and Sonia Delaunay. They are more direct and more powerful because he chooses to keep within a narrow range of primary colours. He does not attempt innovations in colour theory but rather he crates decorative works that evoke the feelings of an urban environment.

Cuban Artists – Jose SALAZAR Vazquez 35×47″ Acrylic Painting on Canvas 5F